Intangible Affection
College Life

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me: *takes 50 selfies*
me: *deletes 49*
me: *stares at that one selfie til it turns ugly*
me: *deletes that too*

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I ask myself, why am I not your first choice?

I know you better than her, I can treat you better, I can be better to you than she ever was. The thought of knowing I haven’t met a person in my life like you and letting you just slip away, breaks me. It just breaks my heart.

Sometimes..I just can’t seem to hold myself back from something as simple as hugging you. Every touch and feeling, recently, has been all you.

Every moment together, replays in my head. I can’t even sleep anymore because you’re constantly on my mind.

Even though you have chosen her over me, you are still lovely…in my eyes..

I still believe that in the future, we will one day be together.

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